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Gettin' My Kicks... Drivin' a 66!
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Welcome to MYSTERYCHEVELLE.COM, home of my personal 1966 Chevelle Super Sports, Chevelles For Sale and Much More! My name is Mike Crown and I live in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA. I have had a Love Affair with 66 and 67 Chevelle Super Sports for about 25 years and have been involved with all aspects of these cars... Everything from owning Driver Quality cars, Fully Restored Show cars, and a few Unrestored Survivor type cars... But always 66/67 SS Chevelles! I own a few, I've have sold a few... And I have also shown cars on a National Level for many years. I have judged at some major Chevelle events and I've been doing appraisal and authentication for a long time too. Although I have an extensive knowledge of these two model years, I don’t proclaim to be the Final Authority or Final Word on them. What I do proclaim is that I am passionate about the 66/67 Chevelle SS and have my finger on the pulse of the market place for these two model years. I have worked very hard to build my reputation as a source of knowledge, experience and trust, and my good name in this hobby means a lot to me. In short, I am trying to do my part to keep the hobby on the up and up. I don't want anyone to be taken advantage of and in recent years, I've seen this happen all too often. 

This web site started as just a simple web page to showcase my Marina Blue 66 SS 396/375hp car, but it has expanded as the needs of the car hobby has grown. Ten years ago, as the age of the Internet started to catch on and grow, my site soon started to grow as well. People within the Chevelle hobby were getting more and more involved with the ease of information at their fingertips. The information highway was taking everyday car guys on a ride they had never been on before and doing accurate and correct original type restorations was catching on fast! As online technical advice became a click away, online Bulletin Boards started popping up for all models of cars. Ebay started to grow into what it is today and online classic car dealers grew into a business that exploded in popularity. Unfortunately, as information becomes available and advances get made, there will always be folks looking to take advantage of those who are not in the know. "Buyer Beware" and doing your "Due Diligence" is something we all need to be aware of more than ever before. More and more people were starting to Clone and Fake cars, documentation, and anything else that could potentially make them money. I found myself getting more and more calls and emails for help and advice and though I enjoyed it, it started to get to be a bit much. It became all too apparent to me that good, honest car guys were getting taken advantage of left and right. They were getting poor advice, making simple restoration mistakes, overpaying for cars, and buying cars purported to be numbers matching when in fact, they were restamped only to appear that way. The classic car dealers were like vultures waiting for their prey... buying and selling cars that in one way or another were junk or just plain overpriced. As a result, The 66/67 Chevelle SS Fact Book was born and that was the first major addition to my web site. My personal Chevelles came and went, and each time the site would change and grow to accommodate the newest one. Things were constantly changing within the hobby and my site was trying to keep up. Despite having the Fact Book to assist people with restoration advice, I found more and more people were contacting me for help... some for restoration advice, others for selling advice, and still many more for buying advice. I felt an obligation to help even though I have a full time regular day job. With that thought in mind, the "CHEVELLES FOR SALE" section of my site was born as a way to help my friends in the hobby sell their cars and others to buy a car and know that it was a Good Car! This is the area of MYSTERYCHEVELLE.COM that is constantly changing and continues to grow and evolve more than any other section of the site, please check it out!

So, there ya have it… historically, this has been a web site to showcase my Danube Blue 66 Chevelle Super Sport, but it has over the course of the last several years become much more than that. If you like what is here, please feel free to share a comment in my Guest Book or tell a friend and... Thanks for stopping by!