This is my Danube Blue 66 Chevelle Super Sport. Originally assembled at the Fremont California Assembly Plant during the 4th week of December 1965 (model year always starts the year before). Now fully restored since 2001 via an extensive frame-off restoration back to Factory Original condition. Painted in a Single Stage Urethane, this paint is the original color as denoted by the "EE" paint code on the TRIM TAG attached to the firewall. As colors go, Danube Blue is a bit on the Rare side as not many 66 Chevelles actually got this color. It was a carry-over color from the 65 model year and although it was readily available, I guess not many were ordered in this particular hue because very few are ever seen! It is a dark metallic blue, very beautiful, though often mistaken for black depending on how far away from it you are and how the lighting happens to be, and yes... Difficult to photograph.

It's the Real Deal as we say in the car hobby... Not a clone, not a tribute, not a fake... But an actual SUPER SPORT model. Any Real 66 SS will have a Model Number 138176 for the hardtop version and 138676 for the Convertible version. My car is, of course, the 138176 version.

The original owner ordered this car from DeAnza Chevrolet of Riverside, California and took possession on December 29th, 1965. The car is heavily documented: Original Owner Warranty Protecto Plate, Original Window Sticker, Original (though frail) Trim Broadcast Sheet, as well as various other forms of original paperwork/documents/photos and owner names, all supporting the cars rich history and many factory options. These original options include: 396/360hp engine, M-20 4 Speed Transmission, 3.31:1 Posi Rear, Front and Rear Bumper Guards, Simulated Mag Wheel Covers, Bucket Seats, Console, Deluxe Style Seatbelts with Retractors, Am/Fm Radio, Rear Speaker, Factory Gauge Package, Knee-Knocker Tach, Tilt Steering, Wood Wheel, Tinted Glass throughout, and finally, a Factory Optional Spare Tire Lock (it's true).

As you will see in some of the photos I have shown here, the car has been treated to a full rotisserie Frame Off Restoration with considerable attention given to Factory Original Details, I.e. Factory Inspection Markings, Paint Dabs, Chalk Markings, etc, etc, but nothing was reproduced that was not known to be there. All markings were based on original findings noted during the disassembly process. These details, too numerous to mention or point out here, can be seen throughout the car... From interior, exterior, engine bay, trunk, and undercarriage! NOS (New Old Stock) parts have been used throughout the restoration. If NOS parts could not be obtained, original parts were refurbished to like-new condition and installed back on the car.

The whole intent was to restore the car to the way it looked when it left the assembly plant in December 1965. The car was finished in June, 2001, and has been shown and judged competitively ever since. I am humbled to have amassed many very prestigious awards and honors.

Among some of the more notable are the following:

~ACES Top Three winner at Chevelle-abration in Tennessee, Georgia, Maryland, Niagara 
   Falls, NY and Ohio
~Super Chevy Maple Grove... Outstanding Achievement Stock
~1st Place Muscle Car Nationals
~Antique Automobile Club of America 1st Place Junior and Senior National Winner and 1st
   Place AACA Grand National Senior Winner
~Musclepalooza V 2007 Best Chevy

The car has been featured in several magazines, books, articles and calendars and is the cover car of  The 1966-1967 Chevelle SS Fact Book
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The car rides on original style Firestone 7.75 x 14" Redline Bias Ply Tires mounted on 1966 date coded 14 x 6 JK Code steel wheels with the factory optional Simulated Mag Wheel Covers....but, sometimes I switch the wheels and tires for a different look as shown below... Steel Wheels painted Body Color with 66 Dog Dish Caps for slightly more MUSCLE LOOK!
The car also came equipped with Factory Optional Front and Rear bumper guards.
Note the less commonly seen EARLY Style Exhaust exiting from the Rear of the car just below the bumper!
Oh, and lets not forget that high tech safety feature, the Factory optional Spare Tire Lock!
Mirror Mirror on the Wall..... who's got the best shine of them all?

Black Vinyl with the following factory options: Bucket Seats with Center Console, Tilt Steering with two spoke Wood Wheel, Full Dash Gauges and the original 7,000 RPM "Knee-Knocker" tachometer (mounted right above the driver's right knee area), AM/FM Push-Button Radio with Rear Mounted Speaker, and Custom Deluxe Seatbelts with Retractors. These are all part of this car's well optioned factory original interior package.
Nice overall view of the Interior... Super Clean and Factory Correct! Note the Knee-Knocker Tach to the right of steering wheel!
Take note of correct style pedals including parking brake!
Seen here is nice close up view of the Original Wood Wheel, Gauges in Dash, and the Tilt Steering Lever.
Here we see the Correct 66 Style Muncie Shifter, Deluxe style seat belts and the Am/Fm Radio.
Notice the 66 Bucket Seats DO NOT have a back locking button as would be seen on a 67 SS Bucket Seat!
View of Rear Seat showing the Deluxe Style Brushed Steel with Carriage Emblem Seat Belts.
Headliner with Less Common Early Style "Earmuff" sail panel toward back rear corner of window.

There were 3 different varieties of the Big Block 396 engine for the new 1966 Chevelle SS: First, there was the Standard 396/325hp (RPO L-35). Then there was the Optional 360hp (RPO L-34). Or if you were the kind of guy who just needed to have the BEST, a little bit more under the pedal... well, there was the Real Beast...a 396/375hp (RPO L-78). Note that GM records indicate that only 3099 L78's were sold/installed in 1966. This could have, and likely did, include the El Camino model also. The 375hp option was not, however, originally available as an option for the 66 model year which began in July/August 1965. It was not even noted in any of the original Road Test Magazine articles or literature. GM released the L-78 option on October 7, 1965.

What you are looking at here is the engine in my Danube Blue 66 SS. It is the 396/360hp (RPO L-34) version!! 
Note: Oval metal badges attached to front grill above are not rare factory options... they are AACA National 1st Place Badges of Honor!!
Notice the original "HARRISON" Radiator which was STANDARD in all 66/67 SS Chevelles, as well as the very hard to find metal "FINGER GUARD" attached to the top tank. If you click RIGHT HERE you will also see the Original and sometimes frail Two Letter Code Tag which is attached to the top inner tank. VX in this case for a 360hp 4 speed car.
Look closely... there are so many details in the Engine Bay!!!
French Locks on exhaust manifolds, Ribbed rubber hose on wiper washer canister, Carb Return Spring attached to top hole on alternator bracket... Too many details to list!!!
Correct Delco Tar Top Battery is even stamped in front of the third yellow cap with the Date Code! Note the Deck Stamp Pad is unpainted, Harrison Radiator and no Tonawanda valve cover sticker. The Tonawanda sticker is correct for a 67 SS, but not a 66 SS!
What Lurks Below??? Take a Look!!
Details Details Details.......
Replication of various front suspension factory paint dabs/inspection markings are seen here.
Steering box is Grey Phoscoat finished, Front Spiral Shocks and Coil Springs with correct coded tags!
The car is fitted with its Original M-20 Muncie 4-speed. There were three different varieties of the 4-speed transmission. The M-20, the M-21 (close ratio) and the very rare "Rock Crusher" M-22. So why do I say the M-22 was so rare? Well, anyone ordering could have ordered the M-22, but according to GM documentation, only about twelve 1966 Chevelle Super Sports were ever actually ordered with the M-22! These twelve were most likely reserved for 375hp cars. My last 66 SS... The Mystery Chevelle ...it was one of them!!
Note the replication of Chevy Orange overspray on the 444 Bellhousing. Bellhousings were attached at the time of the engine being sprayed, so anything from very minimal to almost full paint coverage is correct.
Highly detailed Driveshaft done in correct Bare Steel, not paint! Stenciled Part # and ID Colored Stripes all make for a show winning undercarriage!
Several details noted here: Rear Axle Date Code, Correct Jackpot tag which reads "USE POSITRACTION DIFF. LUBRICANT ONLY" and views of spiral shock and bare steel driveshaft. 
So much to see under the back side!! NOS Spiral Shocks, Coil Spring Tags, Tracking ID# on Rear, Unpainted bare steel Gas Tank with Black Straps.
Original California Black Plates!!  Are you California Dreamin' yet ????