1966 Chevelle Super Sport
                                Maderia Maroon 

If you are looking for a Real Deal 66 SS Chevelle and you've been searching the internet... weeding through the junk, the over priced cars... the Dealer cars.... the Lies and Scams... creative language ads and everything in between... then you should be able to quickly determine that you have finally found a GOOD CAR!! My primary goal is to Find Good Homes for Good Cars and my reputation within the 66/67 SS arena was built on being honest and transparent. I'm hoping this Good Car finds its way to your Good Home! 

Allow me to Introduce to you..... "MADDIE"


An original 66 Super Sport, not Numbers Matching in the form of having it's all "BORN WITH" drivetrain but it is fully restored to how it was BORN otherwise. Exterior Colors and Interior Colors are Original as per the TRIM TAG. None of the tags have been tampered with and I have personally verified and authenticated the car as well as it's extensive known ownership history and restoration. Yes, you get to buy a car where there's a known history of who owned it and when it was restored and by whom.  

2nd week of February (02B), Baltimore Assembly Plant, "Maderia Maroon" (NN code), 66 SS (13817), Black Bench Seat Interior (761 code), 396/360hp (961 casting block), Muncie 4 Speed, 3.42:1 Posi Rear, Knee Knocker Tach, Dash Mount Clock and Radio Delete (no antenna). 


Maddie was purchased new in southeastern PA.... my home state and VERY close to where I live. Purchased by a father for his son who was turning 16., obviously this is not a story about my 16th birthday! (insert rolled eyes emoji here). He wanted to order the highest horse power car you could get in a Chevelle, which at the time and place was the 396/360hp, but even with that, insurance dictated it was "TOO MUCH CAR" for a 16 year old and so it had to be titled in Dad's name. Either way, this lucky kid got to drive a bad ass 66 SS throughout high school! As the story goes, the father worked in a local machine shop and eventually his friend and co-worker ending up buying the car circa 1976. Unfortunately after 10 years of driving the car and just having the engine completely rebuilt by a local well known and well respected engine builder..... the new owner found himself going through a divorce. Rather than sell it, he decided to just stick the car away in dry storage.... where it stayed for the next 27 years!!! Ironically, 18 miles from where I live! After 27 years of being asked over and over to sell the car or give it to his son., finally, Dad conceded to let his own son have the car., well kind of.... he actually told him he could have it for what it cost him for storage over the last 27 years! The son agreed and he took the car to his home in Florida where it stayed until my friend bought it around 2014. Unrestored minus approx. 2500 miles on that original engine rebuild, this all original metal body, but for a small section in trunk was now in the hands of my my buddy who owns his own muscle car restoration shop. He knew that this car was one he needed to bring back to its glory days and thus a complete and full restoration was started in 2016 and completed in 2018. Original Panels and Floors on this 66, a small area in the trunk had some tiny rust and this section was replaced with new metal.... she's super straight and was finished in her correct Maderia Maroon paint. There is No Original Documentation with this car but the son who I've referenced is alive and well.

Now in the hands of a former client of mine, who has become a good friend., he's made the decision to let this one go because he's got eyes for another Bowtie., these car guys are so fickle! The last photo is how he took possession of the car and he is including the RWL tires mounted on Rally wheels as well as the original front sway bar which was changed out to a new Hotchkis bar.


This is believed to be the original 396/360hp (961 casting block number ) which was rebuilt over 30 years ago by a well known local to the Philadelphia area engine builder. The exact particulars are not known beyond it having been bore 30 over and a mild cam installed. Unfortunately, as was the case for many engines back when nobody really cared about Numbers Matching., it was decked during the rebuild  and thus there are no stamped numbers/vin on the deck pad. It is that reality that prevents me from representing this engine as the original to this car and so no need to try and convince you or anyone else  otherwise. Although rebuilt so long ago, and given how long it was stored away, the known history puts the engine as having only 5000 miles on it and still running very strong. It breathes through some old school Hooker Headers and 2 1/2" exhaust pipes running the length of the car. An Edelbrock intake manifold sits on top along with a 4 barrel Holley carb. The car was restored but the intent wasn't to make it a Show Car Correct, or Point Judged Vehicle.... so there is room for anyone to return the engine bay back to Factory Spec. with very little work or cost. The Muncie 4 Speed, though not original to the car, has been gone through and is in excellent condition. A new Clutch, Pressure Plate and Flywheel were installed when the car was finished and out back some things were changed a bit too.  The Rear in this car was an original 4.88:1 Posi and while it is nice to have original drivetrain components of any kind, this was just not a practical gear ratio for the car to be driven and enjoyed, so a brand new 3.42:1 posi unit was installed and Maddie is now a joy to drive locally and on the highway!


One peek at the inside of this car and you can see the obvious.....its all NEW!! Top to bottom using "Legendary" Interior products., the best on the market in my opinion. Front Seat and Back Seat, Headliner, Dash pad, Door Panels, as well as the Carpet... NEW and Factory Correct!! Even the wiring harness, which rarely gets replaced by the many fly by night restorations, is NEW! Despite having a Radio in place... it's just for show., the car was born Radio Delete so as you may have noticed, there's no outside antenna. The current owner preferred the look of a Radio to the DELETE PLATE but you may decide to seek out a DELETE Plate... I would., your choice. You will not be disappointed with this interior..... it is as shown!


Trust me when I say it, I know the struggle of finding a Good car.. an Honest car... and even more difficult to find a Honest Seller/Owner.... I do, and it is why I started representing 66/67 SS's... but only cars that I know, or owners that I know.... cars I am comfortable to say... Yes, this is a Good Car. Everyone is looking for something different, some want a Show Car, put inside a trailer Cars., others want a Resto Mod with creature comforts, others want every numbers and stamp to be 100% original and correct and everyone wants to pay as little as they can and get all they can! I get it.... I do. I can't possibly explain every detail or answer every question in this description, but I have sincerely tried to be as honest with what is known, and if you think this MIGHT fit your wants... contact me, introduce yourself and lets see if we can bring Maddie to another Good Home!

Mike Crown



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