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​                                                    TUXEDO BLACK 
                        1966 Chevelle Super Sport

I know .... I know.....not much better than a 66 SS Chevelle in BLACK!! Add that mean stance with the Redline Tires and the sound of a Solid Lifter Big Block 396/375hp engine and it's hard to not get excited!! This old boy has had my attention for some time and now I'm hoping someone else will get its full attention, "it's a bad ass car" feeling and give it some long overdue TLC and a new home. That said, let me tell you what this car is and why I think it is a great find, but admittedly I will say this may not be everyone’s cup of tea. 

Basic Details and History:
This is an unrestored 1st week of January, Kansas assembly plant-built car. Up until recently, it was in the hands of the same owner for over 30 years! It is a Real Deal 66 Chevelle Super Sport still wearing its ORIGINAL Black Paint (code AA). I have personally authenticated the VIN TAG and the TRIM TAG., there is nothing suspicious about either of them., 100% legit. The car is coded for Black Paint, Black Bucket Seats, Console and 4 Speed. It has a Knee Knocker Tach (L-78) and Wood Wheel. It is sitting on 14-inch steel wheels, redline tires and dog dish hubcaps. It is by all accounts of the owner, original sheet-metal and the rear quarter panels still show their factory stamped part #’s in the trunk gutters. Under the hood is a Non Original 396/375hp engine, with original idler pulley and clutch fan, but again, the engine is not the original to this car. I will discuss that later., but first things first.

Let’s talk about that ORIGINAL paint… because there's original paint cars that still look fabulous and there's others that look ...... well., not so fabulous. I do not want anyone to be misled, this is a very solid car but the paint is 53 years old and it shows. However, first impressions can be deceiving, especially by photos. One first impression can easily be, WOW, that car looks incredible and It does look incredible in many respects. A Black 66 SS with Redline Tires and Dog Dish hubcaps with that Sleeper Look and Killer Stance… hard to beat! Another first impression can be the close up photos that show how weathered this lacquer paint truly is, but that's the first impression that can make you miss the opportunity to own a very cool car! There are original paint cars where the paint looks like it's new and there are original paint cars that are rusting cancer junk in need of being taken out behind the shed. This car and this paint are neither of those in my opinion. However, it is a vehicle that was not babied throughout its life and up close one can easily see this. However, I must stress., it is not a bubbled up and rusted-out or rusted through car… in many circles, it's called “PATINA” and many collectors love it just that way. In person, I think you will find it nicer than the up-close pictures may indicate, but I will leave the subjective to any individual buyer. Hence the reason I said, this may not be your cup of "PATINA"., and that's ok. 

It is a mostly all original interior with bucket seats, wood wheel, console, AM Radio and just a Knee Knocker Tach, that happens to be an original L-78 tach., no factory instrument gauges. It also has the original 4 speed shifter with "Picture Frame" Boot, original seats, seatbelts, headliner and all are in good condition for a car that has not received a restoration. It has received a new carpet over 25 years ago for sure, but all in all., as you can see…, just wear and tear of a 53-year-old interior.

As stated, this car does not retain its original drivetrain, though I believe the rear is original to this car. I also do not know what the original engine was and I have no "documentation" and I do not want to speculate or even give hint that it may have been born with the rare 396/375hp (L-78) engine. I can only tell you what I know is under the hood and what has been under the hood for over 30 years. This is a solid lifter 4-bolt main 375hp block from a 68/69 Nova along with a dated 68 Nova L-78 Aluminum “snowflake” intake manifold. Square port “858” heads dated for January/February 66, and an original 66 SS L-78 Idler pulley set up and clutch fan.

Other than being told the engine was completely rebuilt in the early 90’s and not many miles put on it afterwards, I do not know what the build consisted of internally. BUT STOCK it is NOT, and the owner will tell you, this car is a BEAST!!! Wicked Fast, sounds mean and runs great, so there has been no need to start tearing into the engine to find out anything more. It does have have a non original 4-barrel duel line Holley carb and it does have an original 3 row Harrison Radiator with its Finger Guard and VX Tag attached. Breathing through 3-inch exhaust hooked up to old school Hooker headers, he sounds Hangry! 

Continuing with driveline components, The Muncie 4 speed is not original to the car but is a July 66 dated trans. and is in excellent working order. It retains a correct 621 aluminum bellhousing, and what appears to be an original 3.31:1 Posi Rear that is dated Dec. 27th. and the undercarriage is solid.

This is an original trunk as I think anyone would agree by the photos and certainly by inspection. It retains original spatter paint and some of that usual top surface flash rust that comes from years of having its rubber mat in place, but its not all rusted out … its just original! Underside of trunk lid still has its jacking instructions in place and there is what I suspect to be a non original spare on a steel wheel with white wall tire and factory jack in place. 


In the end, this is a very solid, very straight car, it has obvious wear and tear....all described above and I make no secret of this., heck this old car is like an old boxer… a lifetime of stories and experiences, banged up a bit, old scars and externally not as pretty as he used to be, but he can still kick your ass! 

I have described the car the best I can, have tried to be as honest as I can and I've provided photos to highlight the areas of the car that I think are most important. I have personally authenticated the TRIM TAG and VIN TAG, and everything is legit. This is not “a survivor car” and I won’t go into the details of that over used word., the buyers of survivors already know the difference, but it is certainly not a restored car by any stretch of the imagination. It is what I call a TWEENER and it is just what you see. Buying this car really depends on what kind of cars you like and what floats your boat. There are many in the hobby who see this old original paint, the lifetime of chips, scratches and even bruises if you will, along with a Very Strong running L-78 Engine and they say... Oh Man! I gotta have it! They will just drive it as is, maybe local shows… maybe make some improvements but without truly disturbing its original DNA. It is a personal decision, and that is one of many things that makes this car hobby so great, we are allowed to like what we like and buy what we want!  Its been cleaned up a bit, got a bath and as the saying goes: It is what it is!!

Mike Crown