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Those are pretty strong lead in words to tease an ad with, but I've selected those words for good reason and I'll explain once I get past the irony of listing this car just as summer is ending and AUTUMN begins!

Anyone who even remotely follows the muscle-car market knows that when it comes to Chevelles, the 1970 Chevelle has cornered the market for many years as the one to own! Private Owners, Car Collectors and Average Joe's, they all seem to want one. However, for some... it goes a step further than just owning a '70 Chevelle., it's owning the Holy Grail of 1970 Chevelles, the LS6!! Yes, that's the one.....RPO LS6., the 454/450hp engine option! 

Many times, a low production high horse power muscle-car is ammunition for the I gotta have it group of car owners! Mind you, the 1970 LS6 Chevelle was not technically a low production vehicle, not when you look at other sought after cars or even compare it with it's other '70 Chevelle family members with the LS5 or L78 engine.....less production numbers for those siblings. No, there's more to it than production numbers with this muscle-car and the guys who love em., they won't hesitate to tell you so! It's also no secret that these cars command big money, trading hands privately and at auction, but what's interesting is that often, they bring that money even when they no longer retain that special original engine! It seems just being able to document the vehicle was ordered with the LS6..... that itself is enough to captivate those who want one and they will still pay for one! The fact is, these cars have always captured the intrigue of buyers young and old, from 1970 right up to 2021. 

Now, I am by no means a 1970 Chevelle Expert, but I do keep up with Chevelles of all years and especially the ones that are sought after. That being said, I am here today to tell a story and to sell a car. This is a story of an Autumn Gold 1970 Chevelle and one that many of the Real Experts believe to be a special car, but not just because it's a heavily documented LS6 Chevelle, but for a different reason and you may or may not agree and that's ok too. Just remember, we live in a world where everyone wants to be First or sometimes own the First..... and when it comes to collector cars, if you have bullet proof evidence to support a claim, you may just have one of those I gotta have it cars! Speaking of Firsts..... first some history:

December 8th, 1969 is a date that plays a major role in the story here and one that you have to keep in mind as I talk about this Autumn Gold '70 Chevelle. A very well known and highly respected GM historian had always identified that date as the one in which production of the 1970 Chevelle LS6 went into effect and this has always been widely accepted as accurate. In fact, dating back as far as 1993, the experts and I don't use that word with a wink, tongue n cheek or sarcasm, they're people I have great respect for, people I know personally and people many in the hobby respect as experts as well.....they had every reason to believe they found the earliest KNOWN & DOCUMENTED 70 LS6 Chevelle built and it was one that came out of the Baltimore assembly plant. It was indeed very well documented and hand written on the Build Sheet was the words "PILOT CAR" (that's a car generally being used by the assembly line guys as their guide to building a new production line vehicle) though that doesn't mean only one car is a designated Pilot car... this was one and it was built at the Baltimore plant on December 9th, 1969. That date certainly falls in direct line with the date believed to be the start of production of these cars! There are other LS6 Chevelles built very early, even very close to the Baltimore car, and they were known, but none had been documented earlier than December 9th., from any assembly plant!

A FIRST..... how cool is that? and why is all that important? Maybe it is, Maybe it isn't..... Maybe it's just interesting?..... If it is interesting, it was about to get even more interesting. 

Imagine the Stir, the Debates, the Questions, the Naysayers....when a gentlemen from Canada, not the USA..... came forward in 1993 to say, he was the owner of a 1970 LS6 Chevelle built November 19th, 1969.. a car he owned since 1988!! Good Grief, what that must have been like, thankfully this was all pre internet discussion boards for the most part..... LOL.

Well, he indeed had the car, he also had TWO BUILD SHEETS....both with that hand written "PILOT ORDER" on them and he knew the entire history of the car... including the original owner, the dealership it was shipped to in Canada.... and oh, let us not forget, that unlike GM in the USA, GM of Canada kept it's official records and still do, and they are still available to anyone who requests them! So lest anyone think, a scam was going on or documents were being faked, this fella had all the original GM of Canada Documents to boot! 

The same experts who documented the Baltimore car as the earliest built, now had the chance to review the build sheets, the engine stamp, the GM of Canada Docs and in some cases, the car itself..... and despite the historical records indicating December 8th as the start date of production for the 1970 LS6.... this evidence was pretty hard to refute and I don't believe anyone is is refuting it now, and so this is in fact the car I present today.

This Autumn Gold 1970 Chevelle is now considered to be the Earliest KNOWN & DOCUMENTED LS6 to be built....at any assembly plant., and I must emphasize, Known and Documented! It was built at the Leeds Kansas City, MO assembly plant on November 19, 1969., the engine is Original to the car and it has an assembly date of November 4th, 1969, the Turbo 400 Trans was unfortunately long gone even in 1988 but it is what it is. The documentation is original and shows it was shipped on November 25, 1969 to Mussallem Motors of Haney, BC Canada, a known seller of many GM High Performance vehicles in its time. 

This car lived in Vancouver, BC on the west coast in a salt free environment with it's original owner for many years, it changed hands several times as these cars have always done until it was purchased in 1988 by the gentlemen who came forward with it's pedigree. By 1989 it was already undergoing it's first partial restoration in Saskatchewan, Canada (paint/body and interior). Painted in a single stage acrylic enamel, it turned out quite nice and continues to show very well! Once the new owner had gotten the car's pedigree all in order and had shown it a few times in his own backyard., it was time.... time to bring this special FIRST car to what many of us consider the Premier Muscle-Car event in the USA... The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago, IL. That was 2012, and though the car was well received, it was as they say, not quite ready for prime time. After being judged on a points basis., it was clear that it still needed some fine tuning..... DETAILS MATTER!! 

So the owner did what any rational human person would do..... he got back home, licked a few wounds and ultimately shipped the car off to one of the most well known, well respected 70 Chevelle restoration shops in the USA and he said.. make it right!! An entire drivetrain and chassis restoration ensued..... lots of receipts later and this Autumn Gold 70 LS6 was now ready for Prime Time and a future trip to the Nationals! This time, on November 20th, 2016 ....it received the Concours Gold Certificate of Excellence!! 

Imagine that, 46 years later, on it's Birthday this old girl showed up, stood tall and received a very coveted award that will always be part of her story. In 2018, after 30 years of ownership, the owner decided it was time to allow this wonderful vehicle to have a new caretaker. She's now in a private collection surrounded by many other rare and sought after cars in Canada. She still stands tall but needs to be seen, needs to be shown and needs a new home!! Maybe you can be the First..... the First in the USA to own this 1970 Chevelle SS?

DISCLAIMER: This is not a FRESH right out of Restoration car. It was painted quite awhile ago as noted above., the drivetrain and chassis much more recent. It is still Very Nice but it's not perfect! It will in my opinion need some Freshening up, Detailing and General attention throughout. Prior to 2018 it was driven a little bit, not much, but it makes a difference. There are other 70 LS6's that are nicer and more fresh and close to flawless, we all know those cars but I don't say any of this for any other reason than I just want to be honest with expectations., and that is something missing in today's world of buying & selling.

If you are a SERIOUS Buyer, and would like to purchase this fine piece of automotive history., contact me directly, introduce yourself and lets start on conversation, like the good ole days. 

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