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                                                                          GOBI BEIGE 
                                  1970 Chevelle SS


Original Build Sheet Documented 
Real Chevelle LS6
 Professional Frame-off Restoration & Highly Detailed 
Completed January 2013
 Restored to Show Car Quality
 LS6 454/450 HP Engine 
 Special F-41 Performance Suspension
 Posi Traction Rear with 4.10:1 gear ratio
 Power Steering
 Cowl Induction Domed Hood
Saddle Bucket Seats with Center Console
 Super Sport Stripes
 Gauge Package
 AM/FM 8-Track Radio with Stereo
 Heavy Duty Turbo 400 Automatic Transmission
Matching Saddle Vinyl Roof


Don’t turn that channel…. I know, I know… what is Mike doing with a 70 Chevelle on his FOR SALE Page? A 70 LS6 no less!! Well., although I don’t usually list or help folks with anything beyond 66/67 SS Chevelles., I do and have on occasion done so when the stars align and the circumstances are in line with my end goals of helping put Great Cars in the hands of Good People. Such is the case with this GREAT CAR and its owner who is a long-time client, is GOOD PEOPLE and has turned into a Good Friend!!

When Carl contacted me several years ago that he wanted to add to his small car collection with another Chevelle, I thought., that’s great because I had already helped him a few other times and he’s a great guy so this will be fun, but to my surprise he was now looking to add a 1970 Chevelle., an LS6 and he wanted SHOW QUALITY/TRAILER QUEEN material. I said ok but I already knew this was not going to be easy for a variety of reasons, but he's a friend..... and for the record, I was right. After months of disappointing leads,  junk/fakes/clones and everything in between, THIS Gorgeous Chevelle is what we found and ultimately purchased.

Now as so often happens…. The constraints of Time and Space create a situation where one car needs to go if it is to be truly enjoyed and hence the reason, I have before you, this truly mouth watering 1970 Chevelle SS that needs a new home!

This is a rarely seen color combo., and at the time of it’s purchase., it was 1 of only 3 Gobi Beige 70’s in the LS6 Registry and the only one with a Saddle Interior and Vinyl top. I can’t say if that still stands but it doesn’t really matter as car stats can always be made to sound incredible., I am just sharing this information for those who may not have come across this unique color combination in the past. 

As noted in the Highlights and as you can clearly see in the photos., this was a Professional Frame Off Restoration completed in 2013 and it still looks the same as the day it was finished. It’s always been kept in a climate-controlled environment and has seen probably less than 50 driven miles in total since completed. I am not going to sit here and tell you this car is the BEST of the BEST or a 1000 point correct in every detail example, as I am clearly not one of the few 70 Experts able to make such statements, but we all know who they are and that's who I go to when I need expert advice too. When helping the owner procure this car., I did my due diligence with the pedigree and I believe any serious buyer should do theirs as well. That said, there is no denying it’s a Show Quality car in most every aspect. I believe the car is a Real SS and I believe it was Born as one of the famed LS6 versions of the 70 Chevelle. I also believe the Build Sheet is original to this car which furthers backs up the car as being born an LS6.

The big question of the day… is this a Numbers Matching car? Does this car still retain its Born With drivetrain? My research and detective work determined probably not, despite all the stampings and date codes on the various drivetrain components appearing to be quite legit. I'll leave it at that for now. The current owner had to digest that information when I informed him PRIOR to Purchase of what I believe and he needed to weigh that info. with the Quality, Condition, Color, Options and what does appear to be a genuine Original Build Sheet. Obviously, he decided to buy the car and he was not then nor now, disappointed. Full and Total transparency! Now, whomever considers buying the car will have the same things to weigh and consider..... Contact me if you want to own this Beautiful Chevelle.

Mike Crown


Asking $90,000