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We have all been in this hobby long enough to know the terms "SURVIVOR" "ORIGINAL" "UNRESTORED" and "NUMBERS MATCHING" are misrepresented every day on cars listed for sale on the Internet and even at major auctions. Sometimes because owners/sellers truly don't understand the meaning, other times because the car is a variation of some of those words. Subjectivity plays in their use of the word and sadly... Sometimes people flat out lie.

The 67 SS Chevelle I'm selling today is not a variation nor a subjective expression, it's one that I'm 110% confident meets the requirements of those terms in the purest form of the meaning. I'd stake my reputation on it!! That being said, cars like this are not for the timid, not for those who believe fully restored cars are the only ones that bring big money, not for the casual Chevelle Enthusiast / Owner nor even the biggest car collector. This car is for the person who truly understands and appreciates what an unrestored car means, a SURVIVOR in its most raw meaning. There are lots of SURVIVOR Chevelles out there, some that meet the criteria to get that title but often they are in rough condition, having seen better days as we say. This can include checkered paint, worn interior, some bumps and bruises throughout the car (PATINA), other times they have very high mileage or they have been "Fluffed" to look better, paint blending, engine touch up, rattle can black underneath... But it survived!! While they are still technically unrestored survivors that change hands by collectors who only want those type cars, this 67 is in a whole different category of Survivor!

I have had the opportunity to sell several SURVIVOR 66/67 SS Chevelles over the years, even a 70 SS 396 that many believe was the BEST example of a true very low mileage, unrestored survivor out there and a price tag that made many shiver a bit! The 67 SS I am presenting today is without a doubt the BEST example of an Untouched and Unmolested 67 SS Chevelle in the country, and for reasons I'll explain shortly.

It is a 3 owner 12,000 mile car!! HEAVILY Documented car with BUILD SHEET, Protecto Plate, Invoice, Original GM congratulations on ownership letter, etc etc. The paint is as nice as the day it left the assembly plant, no kidding. An interior that looks like it just left the dealer showroom, unreal! A completely original numbers matching drivetrain that has never been apart and it runs and drives like a brand new car. It's a Treasure and you will not find another like it anywhere in my opinion.

The order was placed in February 1967 and delivered March 31st, 1967. The first owner didn't ask for much: The paint would be Mountain Green, a Black Bench Seat interior, 396/325hp with a rarely seen "3" speed Manual Transmission and a 3.08:1 open rear. An Am radio and just the standard SS Full Wheel Covers over what was originally your basic white wall tires. Options?? Power Steering, that's about it... Bare bones. It remained with its original owner until his death in 1992 when the family sold it. Owner number 2 purchased it and it remained local but unseen and mostly under-wraps, kept in dry storage until 2000 when this rarely seen gem was again quietly listed for sale and my friend was there to buy it in a heartbeat!!

What he purchased was a 67 SS that is nothing short of spectacular. The paint has not a bit of checking, it's as if it was just painted but it's all original. There's no dings, no dents, no rust!!! The interior is MINT, another overused word that I'm willing to use with confidence! The original white wall tires and wheels and standard wheel covers are wrapped and still with the car. For now, NOS Simulated Mag Wheel Covers over a set of Coker Redline Bias Ply tires are on the car mainly because he just loves the look, and I agree. This 67 drives like a brand new car!! You have the opportunity to own something nobody else has and few have the chance to purchase.

If you have any interest, I'm happy to speak with you about it as long as you realize this is not an ordinary Survivor 67 SS.

Thank you 
Mike Crown

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$79,000 OBO